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one foot right in front of the other
one foot right in front of the other
one foot right in front of the other
one foot right in front of the other
one foot right in front of the other
one foot right in front of the other
one foot right in front of the other
one foot right in front of the other
one foot right in front of the other
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Well I have already accepted this as a good thing and I'm just moving on it's still a a fairly turbulent time.  I would like to thoroughly dust off this thing and use it consistently but who knows what is going to happen; all I know is that I'm moving forward and not looking back.  I may not have been waiting for a cataclysmic event I will take this and fucking run with it. 

Bring it bitches.
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Best. Fucking. Week. Ever.

Sunday, April 30th (my birthday) : Tool headlining Coachella

Tuesday, May 2nd : 10,000 Days is officially released

Saturday, March 6th : Tool at Gammage Theatre

The universe is hostile,
So impersonal
Devour to survive
So it is, so it’s always been

We all feed
On tragedy
It’s like blood to a vampire

Vicariously I
Live while the whole world dies
Much better you than I
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I'm not LJ-cutting shit because I am lazy, cranky bastard

Ok so I'm back from my little adventure. We spent about three or four days in the French (I didn't realize we would be there beforehand) alps at this chalet (rented apartment) for some mountain activities. First off the chalet were these cozy little wooden buildings with breath taking views....I think I may have a picture. We were within walking distance of the skiing area so that was handy.

We had three days of lessons which were so physically demanding. The first day I spent almost the entire lesson on the bunny hill (I won't even call it a slope) learning the basics. Mostly you learn how to go down the hill with your board sideways and then the various ways to stop and slow yourself down. By the end of my first lesson my instructor says we were going to try a green (color dictates difficulty) slope. Well I go for it and end up speeding halfway down the hill without really realizing what's going on. Once I realize I'm going way too fast I bit ass and then spent the rest of the time trying to go again without any luck. I'd get maybe 20-30 ft and just plop right back over. Well I got my first taste of a chair lift and at the top of that we tried a blue slope which I could not do very well obviously. That was the end of snowboarding adventure day one. I hurt so much back home that it sucked to walk around or even get up off the couch.

Second day we go out and I spend about an hour on the bunny hill getting comfortable on the board. Now we try the green slope again and I make it all the way down while falling maybe twice. We get up on the chair lift, which is really relaxing and offers wonderful views, and I attempt the blue slope. The green slope takes you below the main lodge so you HAVE to take the chair lift/blue slope combination to get back to the locker rooms. I did better this time but I still fell a few times. We did that two or three times before I was beat. I was not a happy camper that morning when I woke up but I'm glad that I stuck it out because I could see that I had made some progress. That night we went to the little ski town for some dinner at this little restaurant. Also I stopped by a grocery store and got a tasty little present for myself which I can not indulge in until I get back stateside.

Ok so third day. This day my brother and my dad both chicken shit out of going so it's just me and my mom. We didn't even bother with the bunny hill and went straight to the green slope/chair lift/blue slope for a warm up. I nailed it perfectly so my instructor says we are going to the very top. We get in these inclosed pod like transports which take us on a 8 minute trip up the mountain. I was nervous as shit in there because you head up, then go down a valley, then resume heading up but at a much steeper angle. I get out and we are on the VERY top of the god damn mountain. The instructor pointed out Mount Blanc (the highest point in Europe which the altitude escapes me), where Italy lies and where Switzerland. It felt so surreal being that high up. So we set off down the mountain taking two green slopes which I did pretty decent on. I was really nervous because I was so high up and I didn't know the runs as it was my first time. So after two green slopes we took two blue slopes further down the mountain. I actually did decent enough only falling maybe three times and taking a few breaks as it was hard for me to catch my breath. Hey I may be known to smoke things at times but the air was definitely thinner up there. Well after the blue runs we ended up taking three fucking red runs to finish off the mountain. I can't believe I did them but I nailed it like a champ. The last red slope was this steep ass hill that I had seen from the very first day and I'm very happy that I was able to handle it on my third day of snowboarding. All the while we were heading down I saw a few black runs and those things are fucking intense...I can't imagine that shit, let alone a double black.

So when we got back to the chalet I rubbed my success in my brother's and dad's faces because they gave up on it so easily. Actually my dad lasted longer then I thought he was going to. When we went to Hawaii he lasted maybe all of ten minutes at the snorkeling adventures. Oh and saying it was cold up there was an understatement. I think at the coldest it was 3 degrees farenheit but it felt so much colder. The second day it was storming and the snow was flying horizontally across the slopes. I had to bundle up so much and I looked really funny but I didn't care because I was comfortably warm....kinda. I had to start off with long johns, then special socks, then snow pants, then my 'ninja' mask, then a fleece, then my headband thing, then a jacket, gloves, goggles and clunky ass snowboarding boots. The only thing that you could really tell it was me was my hair sticking out the back.

I've got pictures of everything but the cord with which to upload them is back home so I'll do that later....promise.

We spent New Year's Eve just hanging out around the house watching movies and drinking champagne. It was my first taste and it was enjoyable, the bubbles were fun to watch. I finally got my folks to watch both Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels after who knows how long of failed attempts.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Rome ass early in the morning. By ass early I mean around 4:45 am...thank god it's a short flight and all that jazz.

I'm actually getting really bored up here. I can't really go off by myself because I have no transportation or way to communicate with people if need be. We've taken a lot of trips to the local mall because the grocery store here is actuall IN the damn mall. I actually pissed off some guy because I took a picture of his cool lamps and he said something which irritated Carlos. Well Carlos used to be a district attorney in New York so watching him argue with people is always entertaining.

I wish I could get some shopping done but it's proving to be borderline impossible. When we leave the house EVERYONE leaves the house. So it's my family and theirs with their ten year old and six year old children. Being out in a public, hectic place like a mall is exhausting and more pain then it's worth. Traci is ecstatic that I like to shop and she promises that she will take me out before we leave. I was sad that I was unable to buy anything really from the small ski town while we were in France. I saw so much stuff in the windows and I just wanted to stroll in and out of the stores to see what they had.

Ok that's it I'm done now and I can't remember anything else that I wanted to put in here for my memories sake. Here's hoping Rome won't blow but I can't imagine that it will. I am missing home a wee bit but I think it's the fact that I'm having a hard time getting quiet time by myself. I've been staying up till about 3am just listening to music and browsing around online.
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Everyone's getting ready for the chalet expedition and I'm just sitting here

Alright so let's see what else happened now that I have some more time to myself. I met this really awesome girl on the flight over from Newark to Switzerland. Well in the four hour layover I noticed this girl with these awesome natural, big, chunky dreadlocks. As luck would have it she ended up sitting right next to me on the plane. Her name was Jaclyn and she was an elementary art school teacher from Ohio. She was traveling alone to visit her parents and was glad to have my company. We chatted for a few hours about all sorts of shit ranging from hair to movies to books and she hadn't really listened to Tool so I demanded that she listened to some Lateralus. Then she kinda walked around with me and my family at the airport when we landed and at the baggage claim. So we each made a friend which was nice because I had never actually talked to someone on an airplane before.

Oh and I can rundown what I got for Christmas as I'm sitting here. Usually I ask for one 'big' present (i.e. mp3 player, car repairs.....paying the fees to get my driver's license back) but this year I got a bunch of small shit. I got these awesome black Adidas shoes with white stripes that are of course made with Hemp. They are super classy and uber comfortable. I also got John Stewart's America. I got three band t-shirts. One Tool shirt that isn't black or white but this weird greenish color that I haven't really seen before. It says Tool on the front vertically on this surfboard-ish design and it has a Chet Zahr sketch of a man meditating on the back. Then I got another A Perfect Circle shirt with the burning buildings that says 'Go back to sleep. Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythym of the war drums'. Last I got this sporty looking Deftones shirt that looks like a Dodgers shirt. I think I also got a piano tribute to Pink Floyd, a video game that I wanted, and two Rage Against the Machine DVDs. Sarah also got me this sweet fucking Mindless Self Indulgence shirt that I wanted but couldn't find anywhere. It's the one with the ghetto blaster stereo on it with the ducks coming out of the speakers. Oh and my aunt gave me a Best Buy gift card which I promptly used to buy a Smashing Pumpkins DVD. Now I just need to get the Defontes Rarities CD/DVD combination and I'll have DVDs of all my favorite bands.

I haven't gotten around to taking a lot of pictures as my camera is still broken. Hopefully I'll get some good shots using my mom's camera, I'm the unofficial photographer for the trip. My mom did get this awesome shot out the plane window when we were coming in to Geneva. We were still above the cloud cover and you can see various peaks of mountains coming through like islands and the sun was also rising so it was quite a sight to see.

The family we are visiting hasn't changed a bit and it's wonderful. Well I mean the kids have gotten older. Their little girl, Maya, who was one last time is now six. She's so fucking adorable. She grew up in Paris so she speaks English and French fluently. She goes in and out of each language and she gets this little pouty air about her when she's using ze French. I don't think she remembers me exactly but she's definitely warmed up to me this time. She likes to follow me around the house a lot and we played some penguin game that she got for Christmas.

Their boy, Max, is the handful that I remember. That kid never runs out of energy and is always going about 83 mph but don't quote me on that one as I have yet to pull out ye olde radar gun. I guess when he was really young he got into some fresh coffee grounds and has been a coffee fanatic since which might explain the energy dealie. However if you get him in front of some video game type thing he'll leave you alone for a couple of hours.

Ok I can't really think of anything else that has happened hear yet. Yesterday was a really chill day due to it being Christmas and all. Had the big family meal and all that crap. I'm all excited for today though, we are heading out to their chalet which I believe is actually in France but I don't remember. Apparently I get to be Max's chaperone out on the snow because everyone else is skiing and I'm partaking in the snowboarding. Apparently they say skiing is easier because when you fall fall hard. So this should be interesting but I'm completely up for it.

Oh and in case you haven't noticed yet I think I'm finally getting back into using this thing. I've always gone through cycles with it but I think last time was my longest withdrawl for it. I have gotten a job that will work wonderfully with me going back to school and I'll talk about that one later, probably when I get back home. In fact I think I still need to recap my last trip and some other shit.

I really fail at this whole Livejournal life thing.
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Happy Holidays and all of that good natured crap

So I'm in Switzerland right now, Geneva to be specific. I got in yesterday morning at about 8am. The flights weren't bad but we barely made our first flight from Phoenix to Newark. Everything that could have happened pretty much did on the way to the airport and we ended up doing a McAllister dash to the plane minus shoes from the securty checkpoint.

Haven't really done too terribly much yet. Went to a mall to get some minor things and food. It's weird having a full grocery store in the mall but it's handy. The people here are so in shape and attractive as all hell.

The house I'm in is this beautiful two story house with this awesome basement. I'm staying in the basement which is the kids play room. The coolest part of the fucking house is this though. About eight feet away from where I'm sleeping is a fucking bomb shelter. It's got this massive door made of conrete laced with steel and I'm jealous that I don't have one.

We did the Christmas thing this morning and just spending the day getting used to the time difference over here. I crashed out after getting here yesterday for a few hours and then ended up staying up until about 2am. I guess we are ass close to France and while I was sleeping the took a trip over there for some shopping. Tomorrow we leave for the place they have up in the ski area. I'm hoping like all hell that I can pick up this snowboarding thing relatively easy.

Obviously I have full access to a computer so if you want to get ahold of me via e-mail and the what not I say go for it. Also if you want a postcard or anything like that sent to you then I'm going to need an address of some sort obviously.

P.S. I haven't found any absinthe yet but I have been on the hunt.
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I now see that I spent most of my life in doing niether what I ought nor what I liked

You will say that these are all very small sins; and doubtless, like all young tempters, you are anxious to be able to report to spectacular wickedness. But do remember, the only thing that matters is the extent to which you separate the man from the Enemy. It does not matter how small the sins are provided that their cumulative effect is to edge the man away from the Light and into the Nothing. Murder is no better then cards if cards can do the trick. Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one-the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts,
Your affectionate uncle


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I must keep reminding myself of this....

So it's not completely 100% official yet but it looks like I'm going to Switzerland for two weeks at the end of December. Apparently my awesome relative who used to live in France now lives there and he has rented two apartments in the alps to go skiing. All of this was thrown at me right when I woke up so it was a pretty nice surprise. I don't know if I even want to think of another 15 hour flight with my family but c'mon, it's skiing in the alps. Oh yeah, I've never been skiing before but apparently he's already got a ski instructor and the what not too.

Hopefully this will be a better trip then Hawaii. I've gotta imagine so based on the fact that Carlos and Tracy are going to be there. They are the people we visited in France and they are amazing. Carlos is a lawyer who does nothing but stays home with the kids and plays Mr. Mom. Tracy is like the number three person in Colgate and she's amazingly fact they both are. We had some awesome conversations last time I saw them. I am really looking forward to just sitting around and talking with them.
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Alright I keep getting stoned and meaning to update but I never actually get around to it. So here's a mini update with things.

I went to Nine Inch Nails which was fan-fucking-tastic. I can now say that I've seen my three favorite musical dealies live. Their sound was so fucking intense. It really is a damn wall of sounds that hits you. Sound wise I would say they were louder then Tool but their music isn't as intricate. They started off the set behind a curtain room that was filled with smoke using lights to project themselves into giant figures. After the first few songs they dropped the curtain and the smoke took over America West Arena. They had some awesome lights and their video work was wonderful. They had raised the curtain back up later for Hurt and at another point they had snow falling on the front screen and snow falling up on the back one. Seriously hard to put into words. I'm so glad that I can now say that I've seen them live because damn they do quite a show. I also found their setlist on a NIN community on here so that's handy.

Love Is Not Enough
Terrible Lie
The Line Begins To Blur
March of the Pigs
The Frail / The Wretched
Gave Up
Right Where It Belongs
Beside You In Time
You Know What You Are?
Not So Pretty Now
Down In It
The Hand That Feeds
Starfuckers, Inc.
Head Like A Hole

There was something else that I meant to say but now I can't remember. I'm getting my ass in gear because I get to go eat some Island's which is always good. Oh and tonight me and Sarah are gonna go see Mindless Self Indulgence at the Marquee. I've gotta imagine that they have an interesting live vibe to them.

Concerts needs to happen more often.

Oh and Corpse Bride was a big let down....either that or I was really tired from being so stoned earlier. I still don't think it lived up to what a lot of people expected. I'll have to see it again when I'm actually awake.
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